In Defense Of Capitalism

There is no denying that capitalism is and has been under attack in this country for the last century. Our current representatives in DC are just the latest insurgents in a hard fought political war. In as far as I’m concerned, if their main goal is to crush freedom, they needn’t fight any more. You would have to be naïve or dishonest to mistake our current system for a free marketplace. I think it’s time for the other side to quit being so modest. Capitalism has been defeated and replaced with a system that is increasingly controlled by a centralized, all knowing political elite.

So what, right? I mean, doesn’t capitalism promote human suffering and greed? If not for the courageous, statist, so-called “liberals” our son’s would be enslaved to work the mines while our daughters would be prostituted to the highest bidder. I am told that freedom is slavery and that to think is stupid. They (politicians) have saved us from ourselves. They have sold millions of people the line that it is better to be owned by them indefinitely then choose to work for someone on terms negotiated and freely agreed upon by myself and another man. They have made the case for 100+ years that without them and their monopoly on violence I am nothing. It is better to except a welfare check from my benevolent master than work for less than what they say I’m worth.

So if capitalism is so evil, how did it become the American system. Were we duped by “robber barons” into buying magic beans? No. The truth is, we invented capitalism. Our Founding Fathers were concerned with private property rights above all else. Under a system of British Mercantilism, which was ironically, remarkably similar to the modern US model, Colonial wealth was continually being taxed away so that English men could eat and the King could expand his empire. After many decades of abuse our courageous Founders had to read the writing on the wall. The government protection they received for their obedience eventually took on the feel of British military men guarding property, instead of kin. They had to face the truth. As long as they were Englishmen they would be treated as slaves. That they were nothing to their fellow countrymen but exploitable flesh.

So here’s the scoop. Capitalism chose the US. It is the only system mankind has come up with that is based on individual sovereignty. Capitalism combined with a political system rooted in just laws is the only way that government and freedom

can even co-exist. Once democracy allows for the voting away of fundamental, individual, rights you see government become bastardized and corrupted. It’s not that I think we should have no government, I just think when man uses the state to violate his fellow man a horrible cycle begins. The 20th Century was pretty bad for examples of state control gone terribly wrong. The estimates I’ve read put the death toll of non-combatant civilians in 100 years time at 100 Million souls. These were not soldiers, but farmers and factory workers worked to death to fuel the states of Russia, China, and various others.

In the end I am going to urge you to look at the facts. The information age is an exciting time to be alive. Ignorance in my opinion is becoming truly voluntary and inexcusable for those that think they’re in the know. People are greedy, ambitious, and dishonest. Some men and women behave in a manner that is evil in their pursuits for wealth. That being said, capitalism and the free exchange of goods, services, and ideas has never produced genocide. The simple gift of dignity and the acknowledgement that no man has authority over any other has provided to Americans the highest standard of living in the history of our species. We live almost twice as long as the pilgrims who founded this land. We capitalist slave drivers do more to feed the worlds hungry than any other people, ever.

Africa is the richest continent on the planet in diamonds, gold, and silver. So why is it the people are so desperate? They have governments and hold elections why are they not expanding the human existence into the cosmos with some great “green” technology? The answer is simple. All the wealth in the world means nothing without dignity. Americans of all people should damn well remember what slavery does to a nation. Once government becomes dependent upon the trading of human flesh, nothing save for annihilation of the state can liberate the commodity that is human property. If you disagree I suggest you read a book on the civil war here, as well as the civil wars in Africa and everywhere else.

Patrick Henry addressed the Virginia House of Burgess with a famous and moving ultimatum. He knew not what course other men would take, but for him it was a matter of liberty or death. What did he know then, that many of the spoiled masses of today have forgot, or dishonestly have failed to mention. A man stripped of liberty and forced to live for the benefit of someone he doesn’t

even know or a cause he considers unjust is no longer a man at all. Just property like cattle or a mule.

As unfortunate as it is I will say, that if this is what you fear when you question the capabilities of some, for the willingness to commit evil. If you get it, that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Then please understand that in civilized society we grant our government exclusive rights on violent force. We do this in good faith, because until recently people understood that governments only legitimate purpose was the protection of rights. The right to be secure in my possessions. The right to express myself freely and without censorship. The right to, if necessary, defend my life and the property I have produced, at all costs.

You see, it ought not be capitalism you are afraid of. Egypt, Rome, England, all nations in Northern Africa, Russia, China, Iran, and on and on. Self-serving statism has spilled enough innocent blood to cover the earth. Oppressive kings, emperors, and pharaohs, and the states that have been their enforcers have stunted our natural growth as rational humans. 40,000 years or so of slavery is enough. When you question the benefit to society that capitalism brings to the table ponder this. Julius Ceaser entered Rome for his inauguration on horseback. Almost 2,000 years later the first president of a new Republic used the same technology. Less than 240 years later I watched Barrack Obama‘s arrival at the head of state in a military helicopter. You see, while private greed was making sure every American had a car and a house, our government was doing Korea, Vietnam, the entire Middle East, South America, and the list goes on.

So, who you gonna trust?

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