Public Contracts Ought To Be Honored

“Daunting numbers for pension funds”

This was the headline for an article in the Press Democrat. The article basically makes the case for unsustainable pensions in CA being comparable to the Social Security insolvency faced nationally. They compare the two boondoggles by their use of similar funding models. Both systems being state sanctioned ponzi schemes, and both suffering from identical failures in reliability, both should be the subject of criminal investigations and then removed from the US experiment as total failures.

I’m not sure what the big deal is. Unless the state is planning to file for bankruptcy, the contracts made with its employees are valid and should be honored. Maybe you parasitic gangsters in Sac are unaware, so I’ll fill you in. You are in business to serve the public. You have been given a very limited and particular number of services to perform and have been expected to confine your ambitions to those necessary functions.

One reason for demanding you focus exclusively on the tasks laid out, is so these most important functions remain functional. Another has to do with the lack of demand for the things you waste your time and our money on. You people don’t possess, between you, the trust it would take for me to lend you a nickel. Yet you seem to think you have the right and ability to force medicine on my kids, sell me into slavery for consuming medicine you haven’t gotten control of yet, and on and on. The abuses are rampant

If you don’t know yet, listen up. Your job is to defend contracts, protect property, and provide for a legitimate and accessible court system for the settlements of contracts and property. These 3 services are your job and they are the sole functions you should be concerned with. You don’t have my permission to represent any other interest or assume any more charge over the matters of my life. I suggest you dedicate yourselves to the tasks you were hired for and consider the very real possibility of criminal prosecution and civil actions for the crimes you already stand guilty of.

You folks aren’t simple minded over achievers making honest misuse of time and resources. No, you are openly engaged in looting, extortion, and clear cut fraud. At a level that is unmatched in any honest business setting. You clearly value the big score over the long bleed. Instead of skimming from the profits and enjoying the modest gains that could be gotten without serious damage or notice, like book keepers and tax preparers do. Your game seems to be one of destruction as much as thievery and you’re not at all concerned with the consequences of being discovered. You aim to destroy the business, impoverish the owners who hired and trusted you, and you seem to be convinced of your relative immunity from any consequences that could come due if the 40,000,000 Californians ever get wise to the criminal lawlessness being thrown in their faces.

I promise, you will see what it’s like to be confronted by your accusers and judged by your peers. If you escape justice it will be because we were unable to cope with the treason and treachery that has poisoned our country and damaged her people. If the union is to see a future it will have to confront its past. The causes of its rot and sources of its injury will have to be aired in open court for all to see, understand, and be made totally aware of. Those who fail to accept the lessons at hand and wish to rebuild the state as it were, save for the elections of new officers should be told to pound sand.

Americans are multi ethnic, members of every religion known to man, and within these borders can be heard the native tongues of every dialect on the Earth. These superficial differences are petty and the source of interest rather than distrust, so long as we are of the same heart and have the same respect for one another’s fundamental rights and property.

Simple recognition of the natural state in which we find ourselves and due reverence for the implications which exist in nature as well a willingness to observe and learn from her. We should treat each other as if we were all made in the image of our creators and have within us all, the ability to love and be loved, hurt and be hurt, and forgive and be forgiven.

Religion has gone the way of our politics. Polarized and misdirected. Jesus walked, lived, and taught a philosophy similar to buddhism. The path to eternal life is meant to be a personal one and judgement for the choices of others is supposed to be outright sin.

Judge not, lest ye be judged thyself.

Put another way… Mind your own f**king business


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