Science Has Become The Dogmatic Religion Of The Day

thHistory should interest every human since it’s our story. We can’t account for millions of years and yet we know that technology only took us 2000 to go from horseback (for the rich), to helicopter (for the president), and if you’re inclined to believe it, landed men on the moon 6 times in 4 years. This is crazy and to make it crazier, people would rather believe aliens built some pyramids because we couldn’t have figured it out after a million years on the Earth.

Aliens can be a plausible explanation for things seen on the Earth, when they are discovered. So far, it’s just us crazy humans and nothing exists to suggest otherwise. Making the leap from seeing something in the sky to believing it’s some other race of being that is more evolved than us and special enough to traverse light years of open nothingness to arrive and act like aimless wandering lights above the stoner’s, is not scientific.

It’s not even reasonable as an assumption considering the absolute lack of any life that we can find within our range of exploration. Also if the universe is our playground and just a matter of our path to evolution taking us there, how do you account for the fact that we haven’t evolved in 6 million years, yet we progress technologically exponentially? You can’t.

Evolution is junk science that also happens to be the least appealing explanation for our existence that’s out there. Why do people want so bad to be the descendant of a one in a quadrillion squared, accident? Calling the theory of evolution what it is doesn’t make you anything other than unconvinced of a theory that lacks any evidence and can’t stand up to the timeline of modern man 6 million years ago. Rejecting one theory doesn’t force you to accept anything in its place.

Science has at this moment, right now, gone farther to prove intelligent design than to disprove it. In fact, many top scientists who people assume are atheists have become open to and even convinced that this world is the product of intelligence.

The discovery of the atom as well as DNA have been taken by some to be proofs that our world had a designer. Science has been obsessed with finding the most elemental and basic building block in matter that they can no longer separate by pieces. This has led to the discovery and makeup of the atom. What came as a shock when they looked at the atom as if it were a lego of mater, was its vast emptiness and the fact that it was essentially, empty space. Further study led researchers to attribute the atoms ability to form solid objects to a vibrational force. Without this resonance all order and structure that exists would quickly vanish.

The bible makes mention of the Earth’s Genesis. It tells us that the heavens and the Earth were spoken into existence. Well I wasn’t there and for better or worse, haven’t been visited by any burning bushes. But to me a force of vibration held at perfect frequency for all time is the longest musical note held by a force greater than me, for reasons beyond my current understanding.  Maybe the voice of God.

Now the DNA discovery was equally puzzling. Science geeks are all very familiar with binary code. Simple code made of ones and zeros that can be used in countless combination to communicate a desired action by the machine being programmed. DNA is a code sequence. Every living thing has been produced by the reading and self replication of cells that nature already coded for us. This was shocking. For those who were bothered by this and interested in understanding it more, the question was this. If the code of life exists at the smallest level and it’s as old as life itself, who wrote the code?

Nature doesn’t provide too many examples of randomly perfect code sequences being assembled from primordial ooze or anything else. In fact nature tends to disassemble matter and break down complex structure into simple compost. Thanks to our astronomically, unlikely, luck, life has appeared from the jump, with the blueprints to its own very first prototype, as well as all the plans needed to make me, butterflies, panda bears, and all the dinosaurs too. This is considered by many reasonable men to be the fingerprint of the creator. As far as I’m concerned. theorizing the existence of GOD is far more natural than the explanations for things like black holes, dark matter, and dark energy.

Most scientists that I have seen in documentaries seem apprehensive with the term God. Probably just a sign of the times and a desire to avoid ridicule by the less intelligent. Yet they are clear in the use of intelligent design as a substitute. They are also clear in rejecting the theory of evolution. After all, don’t you want to know the truth more than you want to be a monkey? Shouldn’t truth be compatible with evidence? Shouldn’t evidence always be able to withstand honest scrutiny and inquiry?



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