My View Towards Recycling

Recycling unused or excess material is good business. Coal burning power plants are able to recover harmful chemicals from the exhaust scrubbers, that they are able to sell back into production. They catch everything, save for CO2 and steam, making them far more desirable as neighbors than a 50 year old nuclear plant. Instead of burdening customers with higher rates they were able to make use of the resource they had previously ignored.

This is the type of ruthless efficiency and customer accountability that sets private industry so far above their government counterparts. This garbage company is being bossed around and henpecked by pencil pushing, worthless, leaches who couldn’t hack it in the productive class. I guess the goal is to force higher rates on the garbage companies customers while thinning their profit margins.

This is just what I really hoped someone representing me would do. I love being bogged down by incompetent, petty, greedy, and morally bankrupt scumbags on a power trip. Self righteous, self important losers that know nothing of the business they claim to control are the scum of the Earth. If that sounds harsh to you, good. Do us both a favor and stay away from me.

To those who consider recycling to be sacred like some sort of religious experience and find the consideration of green money to be beneath such a noble endeavor, you stay away from me too. Morons I will suffer but you folks can’t ever keep your bumper sticker philosophy from pouring out of your heads every time the chance arises for you to feel better about yourselves by making another idiot feel bad.

Recycling saves the amount of raw material needed for producing whatever. Gold is so valuable that it is always recovered from waste products. Once it is mined from the ground it is never likely to be returned. Gold presents an incentive for someone to recover it and keep it even if the process is dirty, slow, and of little yield.

Everything you drop in the blue bin is headed for landfill or China. This is, of course, just a part of a bigger cycle of consumption.

15 Or 20 years ago the push came to rid our nation of the dirty industrial business of manufacturing. Let our consumption be produced by Chinese surplus labor in a far off place where there are no hippies, no EPA, and now very little clean water, but no problems here. So, Apple is the trendy kool – aid consumers badge of honor. They give you slightly bigger, and yet more fragile reruns of the same thing and people camp on sidewalks so they can be the first to buy a frappuccino with it.

Apple is pleased. Commie Chinese are pleased. Oppressed Chinese worker, wants to commit suicide. As for Gaia, she is weeping. The greed and dishonor of the Commies in China, combined with the treachery and sabotage of the commies in the US have led to an ecological disaster of epic proportions for the poor Chinese citizen. Hardly a river exists which can be made clean for drink. The air so heavily laden with toxic poisons that it can be measured in Ca.

imgresSo, just what is it about recycling that makes you feel so good? Why is my coffee cup better being shipped to the other side of the world where it will consume twice the energy needed to make it new, thus producing twice the ecological fallout from energy plants?

They are trying to pass law which would require all fuel sold for transportation in CA to be 50% or less fossil fuels. We’re burning corn for 10 or 15% of our gas now and its so much we can’t grow it all in this state. To save Gaia we must refrain from utilizing the sludge sitting underground and instead cover the nation in corn for the production of ethanol. We are burning millions of pounds of food while thousands of children starve to death every day. We do so because we are concerned with global climate. Are we not sharing a globe with China? By the way moonshining happens to be dependent upon large consumption of energy. Separating white lightning from corn mash actually consumes more than is required to refine gas.

So that’s it. If I see old age and am questioned about the world I remember and the events that led to a world I am scared to grow old in I will have to embellish the tale. Reptilian aliens would sound more realistic then to tell them we were destroyed by pencil neck yes men and millions of zombies made stupid by the proliferation of smart devices.



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