The Thing About Water

Residential water consumption amounts to 10% of the water Ca consumes. All the hating, snitching, and preaching we do amongst ourselves can only affect one tenth of the total used.

Nestle has been bottling your water at the same rate you pay, for decades. Apparently when they first began looting the resources that belong to the people, it was with a permit and the state’s blessing. However, the other day on a morning news program I saw that their permit expired 25 years ago.

For a quarter century Nestle, under the Arrowhead brand, has been poaching millions of gallons of water. All of this just happens to be taking place in Sacramento. Off the same tap our dear leaders use and not a word out of any of them.

Who should we focus our attention on, local business who contribute to our economy while providing a valuable service to people willing to pay for it? Or the POS corporations and their tools in Sac? We are being treated to the same level of resource looting and robbery as any other third world country they have ruined. Fact is, resources of the land are the sovereign property of the people on the land. If they want 300g/$.35 in order to sell it for a buck a litre then they can afford to pick up the states tax burden. Between water, natural gas, gold, silver, and timber we the people ought to be collecting money, not paying.

Believe this. Someone’s collecting and they should be banished for it.


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