Meter This!

I want access to the billion dollar lane that gasoline tax bought. Right lane for merging and elderly folks. Middle lane for 65 to 70 MPH. Car-pool lanes are a fine example of stupidity being legitimized by corruption and poor management. What is the net gain to society by having these carefully guarded roads for carpoolers who don’t exist and prius drivers who, many of us, wish would just drive their little cars off a cliff.

For what they spent on ruining the downtown exit and 12/101 interchange, they should have been able to give us 3 lanes per side from Novato to Windsor. This would have cut down traffic and translated to more free time for working commuters. If you spend 2 hours a day in the car for free just to get 20 miles down the road, fu** you. Either buy a smug car that sucks or take the bus.

Gas taxes are mandatory. Use of the roads that you buy and build, strictly privilege and subject to truly dumb standards.

If we’re in the mood to fix stuff, speed limits are desperate for logical and scientific adjustment. Cars these days are much safer and more powerful than ever. Speeding tickets are worded to imply that exceeding the posted speed limit, in and of itself, is proof of unsafe and reckless driving. You can drive reckless at 80, or 40, or whatever, it’s not proof of anything.

Flat straight roads in a modern automobile can be driven safely at high speed. Reckless driving is endangering the safety of all those around you. Speeding in a parking lot or kid filled street surely is reckless. Taking a brand new beamer to 85 on the way to Cloverdale is completely sane and safe. $400 tickets are reckless and bad for everyone. Points on insurance are bad for everyone. Driving fast is fun and harmless on the open freeway. It’s high time we adjust the speed LIMIT to a real and obvious limit. 100 MPH, 120 MPH, or 150 MPH, Would raise the overall respect for the law and consent to the penalties for breaking it, considerably. Almost no one would cry foul for being sited at 120. Most people consider a ticket at 70 over 65 to be absolutely unjust and suspect alternative motives for its enforcement. Equating police with highwaymen and scoundrels.

The only drawback, if it’s a drawback at all, is the massive decrease in ticket revenues that would result. Setting a proper limit at the level it should be would end the ticket racket enjoyed by CHP, SRPD, etc. Which is why these conflicted interests will never support this and will lobby to the extreme for the status quo to be maintained. The one way to change it is to ignore it. Cops are supposed to survey roads to test the public’s obedience with said limits. If the number of cars that exceeds the limit reaches a certain percentage the limits are to be revised upward to better reflect the judgement of the people driving.

The original speed law defined the “crime” of speeding in this way.
Satisfaction of two criteria needed to be met before prosecution and penalty could be attempted. First, driver was traveling at a higher rate of speed than the posted limit. Second, driver caused an accident due to his reckless speed.

This is speeding and should continue to define criminal negligence on the roads. Without damaging another with clearly negligent (not honest accident) behavior the imposing of fines that amount to full weeks in pay for people is criminal. Not to mention the insurance, license suspensions, and countless hours spent in court for exceeding a completely arbitrary and meaningless limit on speed.

To hasten the demise of our stupid system I would also suggest that all people who receive a ticket choose to resolve the matter by going to court. You should be spiteful towards those who wish to steal from you. Force them to court as many times as possible. Use your subpoena power to call as witness as many people as possible. Force them to spend $100,000 to collect $400. Question the radar or breathalyser software. Log evidence of the inspection schedules, tests for accuracy, and anything that has ever caused an anomaly in reading. Use your right to due process and force them to waste any so-called profit that they were expecting. If only half of those ticketed would do this, the courts would be swamped and completely bankrupted for continuing. Tickets matter not, they are a summons for court. The courts decide what the facts are and how you should be punished. Make sure they remember you by making yours the hardest property they ever stole. Maybe they will avoid dealing with you next time. Maybe you’ll prove them wrong at their own rigged game.

Traffic tribunals are actually no game at all. These are kangaroo courts set up to deprive the people of their right to a jury trial. Any fine imposed by a magistrate exceeding $20 in total is illegal and cause for a lawsuit against the magistrate for violation of constitutional and civil rights.


The Thing About Water

Residential water consumption amounts to 10% of the water Ca consumes. All the hating, snitching, and preaching we do amongst ourselves can only affect one tenth of the total used.

Nestle has been bottling your water at the same rate you pay, for decades. Apparently when they first began looting the resources that belong to the people, it was with a permit and the state’s blessing. However, the other day on a morning news program I saw that their permit expired 25 years ago.

For a quarter century Nestle, under the Arrowhead brand, has been poaching millions of gallons of water. All of this just happens to be taking place in Sacramento. Off the same tap our dear leaders use and not a word out of any of them.

Who should we focus our attention on, local business who contribute to our economy while providing a valuable service to people willing to pay for it? Or the POS corporations and their tools in Sac? We are being treated to the same level of resource looting and robbery as any other third world country they have ruined. Fact is, resources of the land are the sovereign property of the people on the land. If they want 300g/$.35 in order to sell it for a buck a litre then they can afford to pick up the states tax burden. Between water, natural gas, gold, silver, and timber we the people ought to be collecting money, not paying.

Believe this. Someone’s collecting and they should be banished for it.

My View Towards Recycling

Recycling unused or excess material is good business. Coal burning power plants are able to recover harmful chemicals from the exhaust scrubbers, that they are able to sell back into production. They catch everything, save for CO2 and steam, making them far more desirable as neighbors than a 50 year old nuclear plant. Instead of burdening customers with higher rates they were able to make use of the resource they had previously ignored.

This is the type of ruthless efficiency and customer accountability that sets private industry so far above their government counterparts. This garbage company is being bossed around and henpecked by pencil pushing, worthless, leaches who couldn’t hack it in the productive class. I guess the goal is to force higher rates on the garbage companies customers while thinning their profit margins.

This is just what I really hoped someone representing me would do. I love being bogged down by incompetent, petty, greedy, and morally bankrupt scumbags on a power trip. Self righteous, self important losers that know nothing of the business they claim to control are the scum of the Earth. If that sounds harsh to you, good. Do us both a favor and stay away from me.

To those who consider recycling to be sacred like some sort of religious experience and find the consideration of green money to be beneath such a noble endeavor, you stay away from me too. Morons I will suffer but you folks can’t ever keep your bumper sticker philosophy from pouring out of your heads every time the chance arises for you to feel better about yourselves by making another idiot feel bad.

Recycling saves the amount of raw material needed for producing whatever. Gold is so valuable that it is always recovered from waste products. Once it is mined from the ground it is never likely to be returned. Gold presents an incentive for someone to recover it and keep it even if the process is dirty, slow, and of little yield.

Everything you drop in the blue bin is headed for landfill or China. This is, of course, just a part of a bigger cycle of consumption.

15 Or 20 years ago the push came to rid our nation of the dirty industrial business of manufacturing. Let our consumption be produced by Chinese surplus labor in a far off place where there are no hippies, no EPA, and now very little clean water, but no problems here. So, Apple is the trendy kool – aid consumers badge of honor. They give you slightly bigger, and yet more fragile reruns of the same thing and people camp on sidewalks so they can be the first to buy a frappuccino with it.

Apple is pleased. Commie Chinese are pleased. Oppressed Chinese worker, wants to commit suicide. As for Gaia, she is weeping. The greed and dishonor of the Commies in China, combined with the treachery and sabotage of the commies in the US have led to an ecological disaster of epic proportions for the poor Chinese citizen. Hardly a river exists which can be made clean for drink. The air so heavily laden with toxic poisons that it can be measured in Ca.

imgresSo, just what is it about recycling that makes you feel so good? Why is my coffee cup better being shipped to the other side of the world where it will consume twice the energy needed to make it new, thus producing twice the ecological fallout from energy plants?

They are trying to pass law which would require all fuel sold for transportation in CA to be 50% or less fossil fuels. We’re burning corn for 10 or 15% of our gas now and its so much we can’t grow it all in this state. To save Gaia we must refrain from utilizing the sludge sitting underground and instead cover the nation in corn for the production of ethanol. We are burning millions of pounds of food while thousands of children starve to death every day. We do so because we are concerned with global climate. Are we not sharing a globe with China? By the way moonshining happens to be dependent upon large consumption of energy. Separating white lightning from corn mash actually consumes more than is required to refine gas.

So that’s it. If I see old age and am questioned about the world I remember and the events that led to a world I am scared to grow old in I will have to embellish the tale. Reptilian aliens would sound more realistic then to tell them we were destroyed by pencil neck yes men and millions of zombies made stupid by the proliferation of smart devices.


On The Subject Of Culture

Even though I’m white and not allowed to claim any “culture”, heritage, or pride for the history of my ancestors, and even though “my people” are allowed only shame for being the great oppressors of people and destroyers of nature, I can’t help my heathen self from feeling a bit betrayed.

European culture is what gave birth to American culture. Classical liberalism is what came of 1000+ years under the boot of tyranny. My people have given this world far more than our fair share and it is mine who are constantly smeared with the guilt of slavery. Rich bratty white people who wanna stir up old wounds that deserve to find their place in the history. Every race, creed, and faith has been the object of another group’s hate and violence.

For instance, most self hating idiots might be surprised to learn the Bolshevik revolution that wrecked Russia began with the death of 20,000,000 Christians. No holocaust museum for these victims of ethnic cleansing, hell not even a mention in 12 years of school. Why?

I’m all for learning the history of other peoples and I respect those who stay close with their ancestors through festival and ritual. This nation owes none of its laws, economic development, or cultural heritage to the Aztecs, Mayans, or any other Indian city states. Mexico is now the native home of a people that became Spanish and regardless of their treatment during conversion they have abandoned their real culture and language for the Spanish tongue and devout Catholicism. If a movement exists to embrace their history and rediscover the culture that was taken from them, it is a movement that deserves to be celebrated in Mexico, where the Mexican people are.

Multi-culturalism is a fraud and has never produced the real life version of “its a small world…” that our social planners claim to be after. Humans are creatures of habit that take great comfort in the familiar. It’s human reflex to treat things that are foreign with suspicion. Distrust is about as bad for community culture that you could ask for.

So how do different skin colors live together? You race fanatics can stop equating skin color with culture, identity, or anything that goes beyond skin deep. Next we embrace, celebrate, and find commonality in liberty, equity, and dignity. We shun those who seek to close in our society and we hold up as heroes those who have contributed to the freedom that will be enjoyed by our children.

To be clear, American heritage is the continuation of the history of Angle-Land (England). Magna Carta, English Constitution, and English Common Law deserve some proper respect from the do-nothing, mean nothing, haters. Your history is the unappreciated martyrdom of normal men and women who destroyed the catholic monopoly of Christianity. This alone brought the written word and rule of law to people who had no previous written history and no common language. Pagan barbarians who couldn’t unite to deter the Romans were able to define the next thousand years of progress on Planet Earth. The Enlightenment, scientific method, and the blueprint for legal remedy achieved through just courts decided by the people and only refereed by the state seem to me to be achievements worth some recognition.

Or is all that bad and avoided when teaching our children their history. They should learn the virtues of a culture whose foundation rested upon warfare, conquest, and ritual sacrifice. When my people were experiencing the Renaissance and the age of reason, Mexican Indians were trying to manipulate weather with horrific, publicly celebrated, blood sacrifice rituals. In the free marketplace of ideas which culture deserved to thrive and which deserved to be discarded?

Mexicans, Martians, or anyone in between that wants to live free and respect the freedom of others are in desperate need. I don’t care how you get here or who said you could come. If you stand for liberty, you will be received as kin. If you aim to exploit the political malfunction that has broken our country, for ill gotten gains or some sort of unprovoked, vendetta against white people, you’re barking up the wrong tree and playing with fire. Don’t let yourselves be made into tools for the pukes committing treason in the country that’s home to the most heavily armed citizenry in history.

Public Contracts Ought To Be Honored

“Daunting numbers for pension funds”

This was the headline for an article in the Press Democrat. The article basically makes the case for unsustainable pensions in CA being comparable to the Social Security insolvency faced nationally. They compare the two boondoggles by their use of similar funding models. Both systems being state sanctioned ponzi schemes, and both suffering from identical failures in reliability, both should be the subject of criminal investigations and then removed from the US experiment as total failures.

I’m not sure what the big deal is. Unless the state is planning to file for bankruptcy, the contracts made with its employees are valid and should be honored. Maybe you parasitic gangsters in Sac are unaware, so I’ll fill you in. You are in business to serve the public. You have been given a very limited and particular number of services to perform and have been expected to confine your ambitions to those necessary functions.

One reason for demanding you focus exclusively on the tasks laid out, is so these most important functions remain functional. Another has to do with the lack of demand for the things you waste your time and our money on. You people don’t possess, between you, the trust it would take for me to lend you a nickel. Yet you seem to think you have the right and ability to force medicine on my kids, sell me into slavery for consuming medicine you haven’t gotten control of yet, and on and on. The abuses are rampant

If you don’t know yet, listen up. Your job is to defend contracts, protect property, and provide for a legitimate and accessible court system for the settlements of contracts and property. These 3 services are your job and they are the sole functions you should be concerned with. You don’t have my permission to represent any other interest or assume any more charge over the matters of my life. I suggest you dedicate yourselves to the tasks you were hired for and consider the very real possibility of criminal prosecution and civil actions for the crimes you already stand guilty of.

You folks aren’t simple minded over achievers making honest misuse of time and resources. No, you are openly engaged in looting, extortion, and clear cut fraud. At a level that is unmatched in any honest business setting. You clearly value the big score over the long bleed. Instead of skimming from the profits and enjoying the modest gains that could be gotten without serious damage or notice, like book keepers and tax preparers do. Your game seems to be one of destruction as much as thievery and you’re not at all concerned with the consequences of being discovered. You aim to destroy the business, impoverish the owners who hired and trusted you, and you seem to be convinced of your relative immunity from any consequences that could come due if the 40,000,000 Californians ever get wise to the criminal lawlessness being thrown in their faces.

I promise, you will see what it’s like to be confronted by your accusers and judged by your peers. If you escape justice it will be because we were unable to cope with the treason and treachery that has poisoned our country and damaged her people. If the union is to see a future it will have to confront its past. The causes of its rot and sources of its injury will have to be aired in open court for all to see, understand, and be made totally aware of. Those who fail to accept the lessons at hand and wish to rebuild the state as it were, save for the elections of new officers should be told to pound sand.

Americans are multi ethnic, members of every religion known to man, and within these borders can be heard the native tongues of every dialect on the Earth. These superficial differences are petty and the source of interest rather than distrust, so long as we are of the same heart and have the same respect for one another’s fundamental rights and property.

Simple recognition of the natural state in which we find ourselves and due reverence for the implications which exist in nature as well a willingness to observe and learn from her. We should treat each other as if we were all made in the image of our creators and have within us all, the ability to love and be loved, hurt and be hurt, and forgive and be forgiven.

Religion has gone the way of our politics. Polarized and misdirected. Jesus walked, lived, and taught a philosophy similar to buddhism. The path to eternal life is meant to be a personal one and judgement for the choices of others is supposed to be outright sin.

Judge not, lest ye be judged thyself.

Put another way… Mind your own f**king business

Science Has Become The Dogmatic Religion Of The Day

thHistory should interest every human since it’s our story. We can’t account for millions of years and yet we know that technology only took us 2000 to go from horseback (for the rich), to helicopter (for the president), and if you’re inclined to believe it, landed men on the moon 6 times in 4 years. This is crazy and to make it crazier, people would rather believe aliens built some pyramids because we couldn’t have figured it out after a million years on the Earth.

Aliens can be a plausible explanation for things seen on the Earth, when they are discovered. So far, it’s just us crazy humans and nothing exists to suggest otherwise. Making the leap from seeing something in the sky to believing it’s some other race of being that is more evolved than us and special enough to traverse light years of open nothingness to arrive and act like aimless wandering lights above the stoner’s, is not scientific.

It’s not even reasonable as an assumption considering the absolute lack of any life that we can find within our range of exploration. Also if the universe is our playground and just a matter of our path to evolution taking us there, how do you account for the fact that we haven’t evolved in 6 million years, yet we progress technologically exponentially? You can’t.

Evolution is junk science that also happens to be the least appealing explanation for our existence that’s out there. Why do people want so bad to be the descendant of a one in a quadrillion squared, accident? Calling the theory of evolution what it is doesn’t make you anything other than unconvinced of a theory that lacks any evidence and can’t stand up to the timeline of modern man 6 million years ago. Rejecting one theory doesn’t force you to accept anything in its place.

Science has at this moment, right now, gone farther to prove intelligent design than to disprove it. In fact, many top scientists who people assume are atheists have become open to and even convinced that this world is the product of intelligence.

The discovery of the atom as well as DNA have been taken by some to be proofs that our world had a designer. Science has been obsessed with finding the most elemental and basic building block in matter that they can no longer separate by pieces. This has led to the discovery and makeup of the atom. What came as a shock when they looked at the atom as if it were a lego of mater, was its vast emptiness and the fact that it was essentially, empty space. Further study led researchers to attribute the atoms ability to form solid objects to a vibrational force. Without this resonance all order and structure that exists would quickly vanish.

The bible makes mention of the Earth’s Genesis. It tells us that the heavens and the Earth were spoken into existence. Well I wasn’t there and for better or worse, haven’t been visited by any burning bushes. But to me a force of vibration held at perfect frequency for all time is the longest musical note held by a force greater than me, for reasons beyond my current understanding.  Maybe the voice of God.

Now the DNA discovery was equally puzzling. Science geeks are all very familiar with binary code. Simple code made of ones and zeros that can be used in countless combination to communicate a desired action by the machine being programmed. DNA is a code sequence. Every living thing has been produced by the reading and self replication of cells that nature already coded for us. This was shocking. For those who were bothered by this and interested in understanding it more, the question was this. If the code of life exists at the smallest level and it’s as old as life itself, who wrote the code?

Nature doesn’t provide too many examples of randomly perfect code sequences being assembled from primordial ooze or anything else. In fact nature tends to disassemble matter and break down complex structure into simple compost. Thanks to our astronomically, unlikely, luck, life has appeared from the jump, with the blueprints to its own very first prototype, as well as all the plans needed to make me, butterflies, panda bears, and all the dinosaurs too. This is considered by many reasonable men to be the fingerprint of the creator. As far as I’m concerned. theorizing the existence of GOD is far more natural than the explanations for things like black holes, dark matter, and dark energy.

Most scientists that I have seen in documentaries seem apprehensive with the term God. Probably just a sign of the times and a desire to avoid ridicule by the less intelligent. Yet they are clear in the use of intelligent design as a substitute. They are also clear in rejecting the theory of evolution. After all, don’t you want to know the truth more than you want to be a monkey? Shouldn’t truth be compatible with evidence? Shouldn’t evidence always be able to withstand honest scrutiny and inquiry?


I Hate The War On Drugs

In the US the phrase “war on drugs” is one that fails to escape the minds and mouths of all who coexist with it. At first examination this would seem like an odd and unfitting way for a republican state to advertise its domestic policy. Given that the declaration of war was brought upon a partial list of non-pharmaceutical drugs which are incapable of any participation as an actor in war, one is left to wonder if war can even be waged upon a substance.

War is the inhuman business of conquest and plunder. It plays itself out through the chess like strategy that seeks to secure the most plunder at a cost that is acceptable. Remember that in chess it’s acceptable to lose any single piece, so long as your king lives and the opponents king dies. So while some soldiers are more valuable than others, all are expendable. Compartmentalization, psychological operations, and bottomless budgets are the state’s means for recruiting armies and keeping them between the king and the war.
The US government only understands violence and they answer every challenge by declaring war. Basically the state, is a hammer and they see all issues as being nails that require more or less pounding, but with the right application of force all matters can be set and maintained through brute force. So pre-drug war pounding by the feds was manifest in the shrugging off of enlightenment principles like free trade and natural rights, in favor of managed economies and empire expansion by whatever means available.
This tendency towards war can be seen as anything but efficient and in most cases since the WW’s US politicians have found unwavering support for every ill conceived, reckless, and tragic debacle they can dream up. So when the notion of making war on drugs was introduced to the folks it was embraced as a moral imperative. This enemy amongst us was given the spotlight and propagandized to the hilt. The film Reefer Madness is the “yellow cake” WMD fear porn of the day. Not to be left out of the racist traditions of war the drug war was also fueled by an irrational fear of pot smoking blacks and mexicans who would surely, if not hammered by authorities, rape every white woman in North America.

With the empowerment of the American state to use extra- constitutional authority to make war of our whole society, ending the illusion of benevolent empire and bringing out to light the corporatist police state that exists today. For those that understand individual sovereignty and the right of self ownership, (which some abortionists claim to see, sometimes) the idea of introducing violence to change the behavior of an adult, that is as personal as the choice of food or exercise, or sexual relationships (consensual) is repugnant to the principles of liberty. There exists not one single justification for any man, let alone an army, to use violence to manage the care of another persons body. God/Nature gave you nothing when you got here. All we are and everything we experience is effected by the way that our personal property is treated. Not one of us was born in any significantly different turn of events. We are sentient beings owning only the skin we’re in and owing nothing on Earth for it.

Self ownership is a topic that has been abandoned in the understanding of slavery and replaced by the mental picture of chains and whips. Truth is, this kind of hardline subjugation was expensive to manage, unpredictable , and impractical. Modern technology has remade the forced labor industry with victimless crimes, for profit private prisons who use inmates as labor for trade goods, and the unequaled fortune that has been made due to the arbitrary inflation on black market drugs. For many Americans it is simply impossible that the government that cages heroin addicts and condemns them to sub- citizen status, could ever be so evil as to actually have a hand in the outrageously profitable trade of drug dealing. I can’t any longer sugar coat or sidestep the blatant facts to avoid insulting grown ups that are forever childlike and brainwashed to worship an institution that is openly regarded as corrupt, ruthless, and motivated solely by the accumulation of personal wealth. The “men” that would have you believe that the $500 billion/year industry of moving drugs and guns all over the world, wether from Afghanistan for opium or Columbia for coke, all ends with the 18 year old black kid in Compton, are lying. This idea that street gangs of dirt poor communities are the sole beneficiaries of trillions of dollars is so absurd that it could only, I believe, survive on the racism and prejudices still rampant in the US. More blacks suffer in chains today than did in the 1860 south.

The use of war as a means to attain any political ends is outdated and barbaric. We insist that man has a special place on the Earth. That we are reasonable creatures of logic and empathy. I truly hope that we can realize our potential for humane interaction and universal respect for our crazy human family. The war on our fellow countrymen being waged to plunder, subjugate, and liquidate men for the gains of the real evil, is incompatible in every way with peace or justice. Violence utilized as a tool for social manipulation must stop. If we do not begin to act like men/women who are in charge of the insignificant elite and not , by right of might, the kept property of a political class of fiat paper and the promotion of a patriotism that is best expressed by us when we die protecting their honor, then there is little to be hopeful of. Trust me when I say technology is probably going to reach a point, if not stopped, that makes the busy work of tyranny and debauchery by those in power permanent. Already there are but few whole nations who could repel us from their own lands if we wanted it. Do you fancy a “brave new world”? Please wake up and remember the moral truths that exist and stand for them whenever you can. Just know that standing for peace is ten times more difficult and taxing than the anti- patriots that have accepted the state perversion equating it to hysterical, cult like worship of some liars who see Americans the same as the rest of the people the aim to conquer. Such an unbelievable reality exists that we are tolerated while the gates need guard and the treasuries need plunder. After that.