On The Subject Of Culture

Even though I’m white and not allowed to claim any “culture”, heritage, or pride for the history of my ancestors, and even though “my people” are allowed only shame for being the great oppressors of people and destroyers of nature, I can’t help my heathen self from feeling a bit betrayed.

European culture is what gave birth to American culture. Classical liberalism is what came of 1000+ years under the boot of tyranny. My people have given this world far more than our fair share and it is mine who are constantly smeared with the guilt of slavery. Rich bratty white people who wanna stir up old wounds that deserve to find their place in the history. Every race, creed, and faith has been the object of another group’s hate and violence.

For instance, most self hating idiots might be surprised to learn the Bolshevik revolution that wrecked Russia began with the death of 20,000,000 Christians. No holocaust museum for these victims of ethnic cleansing, hell not even a mention in 12 years of school. Why?

I’m all for learning the history of other peoples and I respect those who stay close with their ancestors through festival and ritual. This nation owes none of its laws, economic development, or cultural heritage to the Aztecs, Mayans, or any other Indian city states. Mexico is now the native home of a people that became Spanish and regardless of their treatment during conversion they have abandoned their real culture and language for the Spanish tongue and devout Catholicism. If a movement exists to embrace their history and rediscover the culture that was taken from them, it is a movement that deserves to be celebrated in Mexico, where the Mexican people are.

Multi-culturalism is a fraud and has never produced the real life version of “its a small world…” that our social planners claim to be after. Humans are creatures of habit that take great comfort in the familiar. It’s human reflex to treat things that are foreign with suspicion. Distrust is about as bad for community culture that you could ask for.

So how do different skin colors live together? You race fanatics can stop equating skin color with culture, identity, or anything that goes beyond skin deep. Next we embrace, celebrate, and find commonality in liberty, equity, and dignity. We shun those who seek to close in our society and we hold up as heroes those who have contributed to the freedom that will be enjoyed by our children.

To be clear, American heritage is the continuation of the history of Angle-Land (England). Magna Carta, English Constitution, and English Common Law deserve some proper respect from the do-nothing, mean nothing, haters. Your history is the unappreciated martyrdom of normal men and women who destroyed the catholic monopoly of Christianity. This alone brought the written word and rule of law to people who had no previous written history and no common language. Pagan barbarians who couldn’t unite to deter the Romans were able to define the next thousand years of progress on Planet Earth. The Enlightenment, scientific method, and the blueprint for legal remedy achieved through just courts decided by the people and only refereed by the state seem to me to be achievements worth some recognition.

Or is all that bad and avoided when teaching our children their history. They should learn the virtues of a culture whose foundation rested upon warfare, conquest, and ritual sacrifice. When my people were experiencing the Renaissance and the age of reason, Mexican Indians were trying to manipulate weather with horrific, publicly celebrated, blood sacrifice rituals. In the free marketplace of ideas which culture deserved to thrive and which deserved to be discarded?

Mexicans, Martians, or anyone in between that wants to live free and respect the freedom of others are in desperate need. I don’t care how you get here or who said you could come. If you stand for liberty, you will be received as kin. If you aim to exploit the political malfunction that has broken our country, for ill gotten gains or some sort of unprovoked, vendetta against white people, you’re barking up the wrong tree and playing with fire. Don’t let yourselves be made into tools for the pukes committing treason in the country that’s home to the most heavily armed citizenry in history.


A Few Words On Public Education

The other day I stumbled upon an article from truthout.org. It was in defense of teachers and their obnoxious protests. Claiming that public schools were being hijacked by corporate America. I don’t deny the obvious fact that a relationship exists between big banks, corporations, and the State. Where I differ is in where I lay the blame and who I consider most threatening to my liberty and property. Either way feel free to check out the article and decide for yourself.


On the matter of standardized testing I am in favor of abolishing the whole ridiculous exercise. Holding our tax money hostage in DC and then mandating compliance to an embarrassingly flawed metering device in order to get it back is beyond crazy. It’s psychotic and proof to the culture of egotistical elitism coming from our God-Kings 3,500 miles away.

I have a nine year old daughter and since she can be kidnapped and enslaved if I refuse, she is enrolled in a public school. The utopian society of brown shirt sporting drones all starts with the law that authorizes the horrifying use of kidnapping, imprisonment, and possible death for those who prefer to adopt their own methods of educating.

A quote from Chris Hedges  “To truly teach is to instill the values and knowledge which promote the common good and protect a society from the folly of historical amnesia.”

I happen to see the institution of government as man’s most egregious folly. Just as others might view organized religion as corrupt, deceitful, and destructive to man’s being, I see the State as a mechanism used by the few to enslave the many. Religion outside of Jonestown is actually very healthy for people and strengthens communities. Now that it has been severed from the State and relieved of the power to wage war (in the US at least) the church offers something I wish I could understand.

Anyways, when the Pope ruled the world how did he do it? They made it illegal to interpret the bible or seek council from any source antagonistic to the church’s divine authority. I’m sure you’ve heard of that guy with the telescope who dared to understand his creator on his own terms. The State/Church in true tyrant form exists to crush individuals. It consumes human spirit and potential until it has gorged itself on lives and resources to the point of self destruction. The US is very close to the blatant gluttony that has caused earlier people’s to revolt, but American’s seem to weather all offenses as if liberty and justice were icky. Welfare collected at the barrel of a gun and used to corrupt the electorate, while engaging in inexcusable, murderous campaigns is preferred

So how could a relatively peaceful and God fearing populace accept open armed robbery and forced tribute in exchange for existing, while actively promoting the service of their children in unjustifiable, criminal, terrorism upon people that couldn’t be less of a threat to their lives? These are the handiwork of State forced brainwashing. A citizenry similar to the Germans of the 30’s. People are clamoring for the internment of Mexican. For human dignity to be snuffed out by the one that has no face.

We are now generations into the blind nationalism that encourages the public good and approaches man’s most precious ability with prison like facilities. Kid’s are violated by searches of their person, fenced and threatened with violence for exercising the right of travel, and they are introduced to police agents in grade school to lay the primer for life long worship of the ones who will violate any right for a paycheck. The State mandates a 12 year sentence to be served beginning at age 5. Is their any logical explanation for separating loving, invested parents from their kids at 5. Am I to believe that 12 years is necessary in order to graduate? Why wouldn’t a child be better served by developing a deeper mentor/protege relationship with someone who teaches for free, out of love and with only them to focus on? Should they instead, disregard their parents obvious experience and sincerity in favor of the purely commercial 9 month acquaintance supplied by the State?

I deplore any compulsory servitude and if I or my child were drafted to answer the call of empire I would refuse and hope my kids would accept punishment instead of selling their soul (for much less than teachers make) to kill other people. “Free” public education has destroyed a once vibrant and diverse marketplace for educating. For profit schools that require tuition on top of the taxes stolen regardless of use couldn’t compete with free.

Now 2 choices exist.

1) Suck it up, get a second job and pay for private school. Somehow getting passed the fact that the curriculum is still under State control. Private schools are horribly expensive and they don’t have locations on every block like the “free” schools. Tuff sell.

2) Enroll your loved ones in a school that treats you like an infection instead of a customer. Have school choice mandated by geographical proximity ensuring attendance regardless of performance. Adopt a blind faith approach to any instinct that begs scrutiny. Accept their authority in demanding control over my child’s work experience, while they shamelessly involve children in door to door sales.

In CA where I live it is likely to become law that all history books promote gay/transgender history. I am consistent 100% in my view on human rights and think humans should be allowed to do anything that another consents to (adults with adults obviously) no exceptions. But I fail to recognize the benefit of this particular propaganda or even what the hell gay history is. If the want to teach Nero and the like I’m all for it but it is human history. Or are gays superhuman?

I’m not crazy, I’m an avid reader of our history and a devoted father. Honest evaluation of the State, its shameful abuses of property, and the wholesale mass murder of innocents (100 million civilians in the 20th century alone, mostly due to starvation from State appropriation of crops to feed armies) makes me confident that if education is as important and special as I believe it to be. There should exist a wall of separation protecting human growth process from the State.

After all, government was an invention of man used to enforce the notion of divine God-King status. It is a con and is not the natural way for an ever evolving species destined for the stars and beyond. If man doesn’t recognize his potential and embrace his existence the evil we call the State might be our own extinction. Think nuclear or perhaps biological.

Safety first.