What Civil Liberties Mean To Me

Civil liberties can be defined as an adherence to natural law. Most of my fellow Americans have a very poor understanding of the words liberty and freedom. People of our time worry little about the fundamental roots of our humanity and the quest for truth. “I got rights” has become a punchline capable of meaning anything one wishes it to mean. Right to healthcare. Right to a good job. Right to an education. Right to welfare. Right to retirement. But wait, these rights aren’t natural. These are all services provided by other humans. To suggest that they are mine by natural right also must suggest that I have a natural claim on those who produce these things.That is a clear violation of natural law which mandates that man is free.

So for those who stumbled upon this by accident trying to find American Idol, I will name some rights which do exist naturally. Rights need not ever be legislated by your fellow man. They exist forever and can not be justly separated from you. All that free people require from one another to exist in our natural state of liberty is respect. Not respect for one another, I can think of you what I wish. Respect for the natural system of law which governs our interaction with one another. By virtue of my humanity and my ability to reason, nature affords me the right to think. By consequence of thought I have the right to express these thoughts by way of speech. I have the right to convert thought, labor, and time into property. I have a natural obligation to protect my property and my life. I have the right to be private in my affairs. I have the right to travel and move freely. I have the right to live my life by my own moral code. To deny me of any of my natural rights is to violate justice. Existence without justice is slavery and contrary to man’s natural state.

So it should seem pretty clear. The human race is, and always has been governed by nature. Nature’s laws are so much a part of our life that we often learn them much before learning anything else. One of the first lessons that humans absorb teaches us property rights. We quickly are made to realize that forcefully taking from another is wrong. We are schooled almost immediately in trade. Through property rights toddlers learn that a trade is a trade. That once you surrender ownership to someone else you are bound and stuck with the trade. So why do adults find themselves so often at odds with nature? The answer is simple. The State. Our unnatural and aggressive system is riddled with man made laws that directly contradict nature’s laws. We are told that theft is wrong, unless the State is holding the gun. We are told kidnapping is a felony, unless they call it conscription. We are told that trespassing is a crime, but made to accept eminent domain. What if Einstein were given two sets of laws with regards to physics? One supplied by natural law and the other drafted by a party which has much to gain from the rewriting and violating of the law? He might have gotten so confused with trying to reconcile the logical with the illogical that he just wanted to watch dancing with the stars and have a beer.