I Hate The War On Drugs

In the US the phrase “war on drugs” is one that fails to escape the minds and mouths of all who coexist with it. At first examination this would seem like an odd and unfitting way for a republican state to advertise its domestic policy. Given that the declaration of war was brought upon a partial list of non-pharmaceutical drugs which are incapable of any participation as an actor in war, one is left to wonder if war can even be waged upon a substance.

War is the inhuman business of conquest and plunder. It plays itself out through the chess like strategy that seeks to secure the most plunder at a cost that is acceptable. Remember that in chess it’s acceptable to lose any single piece, so long as your king lives and the opponents king dies. So while some soldiers are more valuable than others, all are expendable. Compartmentalization, psychological operations, and bottomless budgets are the state’s means for recruiting armies and keeping them between the king and the war.
The US government only understands violence and they answer every challenge by declaring war. Basically the state, is a hammer and they see all issues as being nails that require more or less pounding, but with the right application of force all matters can be set and maintained through brute force. So pre-drug war pounding by the feds was manifest in the shrugging off of enlightenment principles like free trade and natural rights, in favor of managed economies and empire expansion by whatever means available.
This tendency towards war can be seen as anything but efficient and in most cases since the WW’s US politicians have found unwavering support for every ill conceived, reckless, and tragic debacle they can dream up. So when the notion of making war on drugs was introduced to the folks it was embraced as a moral imperative. This enemy amongst us was given the spotlight and propagandized to the hilt. The film Reefer Madness is the “yellow cake” WMD fear porn of the day. Not to be left out of the racist traditions of war the drug war was also fueled by an irrational fear of pot smoking blacks and mexicans who would surely, if not hammered by authorities, rape every white woman in North America.

With the empowerment of the American state to use extra- constitutional authority to make war of our whole society, ending the illusion of benevolent empire and bringing out to light the corporatist police state that exists today. For those that understand individual sovereignty and the right of self ownership, (which some abortionists claim to see, sometimes) the idea of introducing violence to change the behavior of an adult, that is as personal as the choice of food or exercise, or sexual relationships (consensual) is repugnant to the principles of liberty. There exists not one single justification for any man, let alone an army, to use violence to manage the care of another persons body. God/Nature gave you nothing when you got here. All we are and everything we experience is effected by the way that our personal property is treated. Not one of us was born in any significantly different turn of events. We are sentient beings owning only the skin we’re in and owing nothing on Earth for it.

Self ownership is a topic that has been abandoned in the understanding of slavery and replaced by the mental picture of chains and whips. Truth is, this kind of hardline subjugation was expensive to manage, unpredictable , and impractical. Modern technology has remade the forced labor industry with victimless crimes, for profit private prisons who use inmates as labor for trade goods, and the unequaled fortune that has been made due to the arbitrary inflation on black market drugs. For many Americans it is simply impossible that the government that cages heroin addicts and condemns them to sub- citizen status, could ever be so evil as to actually have a hand in the outrageously profitable trade of drug dealing. I can’t any longer sugar coat or sidestep the blatant facts to avoid insulting grown ups that are forever childlike and brainwashed to worship an institution that is openly regarded as corrupt, ruthless, and motivated solely by the accumulation of personal wealth. The “men” that would have you believe that the $500 billion/year industry of moving drugs and guns all over the world, wether from Afghanistan for opium or Columbia for coke, all ends with the 18 year old black kid in Compton, are lying. This idea that street gangs of dirt poor communities are the sole beneficiaries of trillions of dollars is so absurd that it could only, I believe, survive on the racism and prejudices still rampant in the US. More blacks suffer in chains today than did in the 1860 south.

The use of war as a means to attain any political ends is outdated and barbaric. We insist that man has a special place on the Earth. That we are reasonable creatures of logic and empathy. I truly hope that we can realize our potential for humane interaction and universal respect for our crazy human family. The war on our fellow countrymen being waged to plunder, subjugate, and liquidate men for the gains of the real evil, is incompatible in every way with peace or justice. Violence utilized as a tool for social manipulation must stop. If we do not begin to act like men/women who are in charge of the insignificant elite and not , by right of might, the kept property of a political class of fiat paper and the promotion of a patriotism that is best expressed by us when we die protecting their honor, then there is little to be hopeful of. Trust me when I say technology is probably going to reach a point, if not stopped, that makes the busy work of tyranny and debauchery by those in power permanent. Already there are but few whole nations who could repel us from their own lands if we wanted it. Do you fancy a “brave new world”? Please wake up and remember the moral truths that exist and stand for them whenever you can. Just know that standing for peace is ten times more difficult and taxing than the anti- patriots that have accepted the state perversion equating it to hysterical, cult like worship of some liars who see Americans the same as the rest of the people the aim to conquer. Such an unbelievable reality exists that we are tolerated while the gates need guard and the treasuries need plunder. After that.