Just One Arguement For Ending The Drug War

In my opinion the burden of proof should lay squarely on the prohibitionists to show how this “war” on Americans has enhanced our lives. Problem is, there is no proof to suggest that any aspect of American life has improved as a result of the expensive and violent “war on drugs”. In fact there is ample proof to suggest otherwise.

Around 1914 the US got fed up with drugs. Somewhere in the ball park of 3% of the population was addicted to drugs and the politicians thought something had to be done. So our great leaders decided to start dabbling in legislative morality. Today we see this hands on approach to running our lives in just about everything from “sin” taxes, to rebates for “green” living, to helmet laws, etc. The right one has to freely and peacefully express one’s self has largely evaporated. It is no longer possible to escape the over reaching coercive policies of government.

By what right can you tell someone that you will have them imprisoned for putting something in their own body? By natural law the individual is sovereign. By natural right my body is my own and I am free to destroy it or enhance it as I see fit. To suggest otherwise is to attempt to enslave me. Slavery does not exist only in public school books about the South. Dependency upon government to make all my decisions for me is slavery. Surely you couldn’t call this freedom. Freedom is turbulent and exciting. For every action taken in our lives we see a reaction. The richness of our lives grows with every reaction whether it be bad or good. Our decisions in life mold and shape who we become. Our failures are learned through negative reaction and are passed on to those we intend on raising. This progression is called life.

No matter what we do as a society we can’t legislate morality. I mentioned before that when drugs first started to become illegal 3% of the population was addicted. Today after nearly 100 years worth of prison building, swat teams, erosion of rights, etc. I am glad to tell you that we now have a population that contains 3% addicts. That’s right HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS SPENT AND ZERO RESULTS! Well that’s not really fair. Zero would be sugar coating it. The human cost of this drug war is appalling.

Have you ever looked at a gold fish in a bowl and thought about the miserable existence it suffers? Paint the bowl black and add a hand full of predator fish to the party and you have a prison. Do you think you are saving people from ruining their lives by putting them in prison? Is housing, medical, food, and clothing for drug addicts a good way to spend tax dollars? I suggest it is not. Prisons are essential to any civilized society. That being said, I think it is beneficial for society at large to reserve this expensive punishment for those who violate the rights of others. Why are pot heads doing time with rapists? Do these two crimes seem similar to you? If so, you are crazy.

In closing I will just say that I encourage you to look at the statistics in regards to the drug war. I really wanted to touch on the moral implications of our nations drug policy so I left a lot of the nuts and bolts out. Truth is though, we are spending billions of dollars not just in this country but abroad as well. To what end? How long do we continue along with the status quo? There is a better way and it’s not new, just forgotten. You are the best governor of your life. Your moral code is all that’s necessary to get you through the decisions in your day to day dealings. Don’t worry about your neighbor, they will have to live by their own standard. Only when someone infringes upon your rights has a crime occurred.